These a workbook for them to use,

These tests have similarities and they include the ages are both including children, the RIAS is ages 3-94 and the WISC is children ages 6-16, both of these assessments can be used for children. Both test have visual subtests, they include pictures such as things missing or puzzles. The both have their own scoring systems based on their subtests; the RIAS does not include their extra memory test as part of the final intelligence score. The WISC and RIAS test for working memory, showing the students pictures or telling them words and asking them to recall them minutes later, this tests their short-term memory. Both of these test are able to be administer by anyone, the RIAS has a kit that they sell and it has a workbook for them to use, as well as the WISC selling a kit for the test. They have a lot in common since the RIAS actually based parts of the test off of the WISC, but there are also differences, the WISC has more subtests and uses thee memory subtest as a part of the final grade. The RIAS uses mostly pen and paper with the exception of a few oral answers; rather the WISC is somewhat interactive with pictures and oral parts of the assessment.

Although anyone can administer the tests, the RIAS is said to be one of the easiest assessments to administer, rather the WISC is more difficult due to all of the parts. The RIAS was tested on random sampling using the 2012 United States Census population statistics (McNicholas, & Floyd, 2017 ,para. 6). Rather the WISC-V was standardized on specific groups divided by ages, race, gender, and speical needs. Reading about these assessments, one statement stood out about the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales RIAS, there are questions about the structures of the factors of the RIAS and if it can be used and interpreted more than a single factor. This means that the test could use a broader testing sample. This assessment is quick a 10-20 minute assessment and the question remains can the child’s intelligence be assessed in that short of time.

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The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children is a test that uses many factors to compile an answer and has been tested on numerous test groups, gender, races and ages. The RIAS should be tested in a better more controlled sample and the results may be different. Both of these assessments, the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children and Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales have the ability to change a child’s life, just by simply answering the question of their intelligence whether more help is needed in speical education or they are above intelligence and need to be challenged in the gifted classes. These are both assessments that are available and easy to administer to help the students get the answers they need.