Throughout philosophy – doing the bare minimum needed

Throughout my life, I constantly had this philosophy – doing the bare minimum needed for everything. I didn’t want to put in additional effort to be exceptional. All I hoped for myself was to go through life as smoothly(pause) as possible.

A simple analogy of my belief is: If Person A scores 75 on a test, she gets an (voice go up) A1. If Person B works harder and scores 100, she too would get an A1, which Person A can get with less effort put in. (slower pace) I thought that I could beat the system by doing the least (slower and pitch go down) to get the best results. However, I did not (light tone) expect my perspective towards life to change. (story voice) It all started when I was shopping at Orchard a month ago.

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As I walking past Typo, a large poster caught my eye. It bared a quote that read “You did not wake up today to be mediocre”.  I was indifferent when I first read the poster, making me read and ponder over the quote. As I read it again and again, (slower pace) something dawned(lighter) upon me.

 (slow) Being mediocre – neither good nor bad, just average, was the mentality I was stuck in all my life. It was the first time that I became conscious of the mentality I had. That instant, I knew that it was hindering me from soaring to greater heights. Seeing the poster and coming to the realisation served as a wake-up call for me to change my attitude towards life. From then, I set my mind on wanting to excel in whatever I did. (stretch) I believe in living life with excellence. Reflecting back, the attitude of just wanting to be mediocre really affected me and I failed to unleash my potential in many aspects. For example, I did not strive to do well in my studies, and felt satisfied with myself as long as I passed.

I could have done much better, not just in my academics, but in so many other aspects. “You did not wake up today to be mediocre” serves as a reminder of my philosophy in life. Ever since that day, there’s no basis for me (short pause) not to live up to be the best version of myself. Each day, I wake up with a purpose and with choices to be made. I choose to be the best version of myself and to no longer be mediocre.

I choose to live life with passion (pause). If I have the same 24 hours as (voice up)  Beyoncé, there is no reason why I am not living life to the (voice down) fullest.