Umbrella dissimilar with their government because the government look

Umbrella Revolution

Jo Shua-Wong and the China’s

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dictatorship is a fact, revolution become a right”, Victor Hugo.

      As when we were young, our parents will
say the revolution is illegal and violence. But, this day the world is change.

The government are exploit their own citizens or “colony”. In example, China’s
domineer Hong Kong’s citizens and went back on their word.                                  

   Hence, the revolution is the best way to
take back their advantage and freedom from the giant of Asia, China.


    Once upon a time, Hong Kong was returned to
China under the 1984 agreement between Britain and China. In this agreement is has
the principle of Hong Kong or “one country, two systems”. There said Hong -Kong’s
citizens could elect their government by themselves.         Nevertheless,
on 2014, China’s tell Hong Kong their will take their own candidate and lead to
elected by Hong Kong’s citizens. Hong Kong people already know that, the candidate
was absolutely communism and will changing Hong Kong to communism too. The most
important things are Hong Kong were feeling be dissimilar with their government
because the government look like there are China people which be the real
communism that want to absorb the Hong Kong city to be their own country and to be communism.


  The positive of dark day is there will made
us can see the brighter star, this exploitation too. In September 28 ,2014, the
Hong Kong protesters have started to movement and resist their
government. The protests consist from Scholarism, OCLP (Occupy Central with
Love and Peace) and Hong Kong federation of students. The popular group that
have join this protests is The Schloraism, that have “Jo Shua – wong” be the
leader which can recant the loyalty study courses in two years ago and he was only
seven-teen years old. He and friends have arrested by the police but, about 40
hours their have acquit of the jail. After that, there have demand the
government to has claim to submit for elected their president and their old
president to resigned. Unfortunately, the China don’t do anything that the
protests have request for.


      The protests are never giving up. There
continue closed the main road in Hong Kong, the admiralty or the central
business district in Hong Kong and Mong Kok, the most shopping area that have
many tourists from worldwide. By the time, the polices are don’t give up too.

There expel the protests by spraying tear gas and the protests are protected
them by umbrella, this is why there call “umbrella revolution”. But, they will
know that it the wrong way they have chosen. Although that, there cause effect
to themselves because another magnate or country will see they are violence and
cruel. Therefore, police change their way to fighting. They don’t do anything
and keep the protests going on. Two weeks later, the protests are reveal and
nearly to the end.


          In December 15 ,2014, The protests
were very nearly to end it. Not only the government don’t fight but also some of
millionaire or businessman are not agree to the protests. They know what the
government do with citizens but if they still protest, there will have the
effect to economy, logistics and the most of all “travelling”. So, when we
compared the positive and negative, the negative is absolutely greater than.

Thus, there are many side oppose to continue protests.

        By the time, they don’t waste any
seconds. They aren’t loser because the loser will give up but they didn’t.

There 79 days will still in all of
people in the world. The 79 days that there was fight, the days that they never
give up and the days that they teach us, democracy is might be the best
dominance in the world. But, it must be the most favorite dominance in the
world. Finally, I hope someday in the future our generation will deleted the
communism out of the world and we will rewrite history of the world together.