UNPAID April 5, 7 April, 11 April and some


In case of Rayani Air, the Rayani Air have violated their
responsibility to pay its employees’ salaries. According to Kota Bharu Station
Manager, Che Khalid said about RM 150,000 basic salary arrears for employees in
Kelantan from March to June outstanding which is total Rayani Air’s staff of
480 people, including at headquarters, 160 ground support personnel and 24 staff
members in Kelantan.

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According to Station Manager Kuala Lumpur
International Airport 2 (KLIA 2), Zulkalnain Azdan said he had hired a lawyer
to conduct legal proceedings if salaries are still not obtained until next
Tuesday. He also claimed the management has promised a date of payment of
salaries to employees which is include March 28, April 2, April 5, 7 April, 11 April
and some dates yet, but so far we have not received any response from them.
Besides, the staff had also recently found out that their Employees Provident
Fund (EPF) and Socso deductions totalling RM900,000 were not paid to the respective
organisations since the company was established in September last year. Failure
Rayani Air paid salaries to its employees led to a number of airline employees
refused to continue with their duties as usual. Such failures have paralyzed
operations Rayani Air, in addition to causing the loss of airline investors
from abroad.


In the cases of Rayani Air, passengers complained
that Rayani Air frequently rescheduled flights often up 13 hours later. Rayani
Air also frequently cancelled or postponed the flights without advance notice
and also no assistance to affected passengers or giving any recompense. The
airline company has apologized because the inability to provide refunds to customers
for their flight tickets, it was due to investors pulling out regarding the
revocation of its flying licenses.

Regarding this issue, there are a few basic right
that air passenger should understand before they can do any claim toward the
airline. Based on the Malaysian Aviation Commission Act 2015, the Malaysian
Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) already provide a greater transparency and a clear
guidelines toward consumer right regarding to travel related woes like loss of
luggage, ticket pricing and flight delays. First basic right is flight delays
or cancellations. When air passenger flight delays or cancel of more than two
hours, it will affected passenger are entitled to meals, telephone calls and
internet where available to be access. If the flight delays for 5 hours or
more, on top of the above, there are necessary have hotel accommodation and
transportation that have been provided to and from the hotel where the
passenger are entitled. Second basic right is denied boarding. If passengers
are denied from boarding their scheduled flight, whether it is due to overbooking
or operational issues, the airline is required to offer passenger meals,
internet where it is available to be access and telephone calls. In addition,
the airline also required to provide hotel accommodation where it is necessary,
the choice between reimbursement of air ticket or re-routing and provide transportation
to and from the hotel. Third basic right is lost, damages or delayed baggage.
If there anything happen to passenger luggage like lost, damaged or delayed, as
passenger they have right to claim compensation from the airline by filing a
written complaint. There are a few rules in order to filing a written complaint
such as if passenger baggage is damaged within 7 days of arrival and if
passenger baggage is delayed, the air passenger complaint must be filed upon
arrival or within 21 days of arrival.

Next is communication of changes in flight status.
If this situation happens in any airlines that operating in Malaysia, it will
be the airlines to be responsibility of ensuring that passengers are contacted
immediately and promptly in the event of any changes in flight status. Lastly
is fees and airfares. Passenger must be aware of the breakdown of the fare like
applicable airport taxes, charges, surcharges or fees when purchase of flight
tickets from any airline. Besides, it is also up to the passenger if they want
to add for any additional services like travel insurance, additional luggage,
in-flight meals and change of and selection of flight seats. These types of
miscellaneous fees should not be added automatically to passenger airfare.