Up to the last century, teachers and

Up to the last century, teachers and their lecturenotes were the only resources available for the learningcommunity. Some of the reference books, publications, andresearch manuscripts available in the libraries in the form ofhard copies, stencils, photo copies, hints, manual writtenscripts, etc made the learning process more difficult. Now, inthe era of Digital Transformation all information is available inthe digital formats with more detailed descriptions.

Theseresources can be easily accessed by anyone from any place andat any time. Hence the task of bringing the learners to the classrooms made tedious. The responsibilities put on the shouldersof the teaching community apart from teaching-learningprocess are also increasing exponentially. If the digitalresources were effectively used with the support of smart classrooms, the teaching learning process will be a fruitful systemwith multiple benefits to all stake holders. This article explainsvarious electronic (eLearning) and mobile (mLearning)learning gadgets and techniques available to enhance thedelivery of lecture sessions more lively and effectively.

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