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We all communicate each other by using a language which others can understand. Though it is easy to communicate in our mother language it is not enough for the today’s world. There thousands of languages in the world. Some languages are spoken by millions of people and some languages are spoken by only a few thousands of people. With the globalization and the development of the technology people had to communicate with people in other countries who are speaking a different language.

In this case, people had to choose a common language for the proper communication of each other. Therefore automatically English has been become as the main international language in the world. Today it is not a secret that Sri Lanka has long term relationships with all the foreign countries by having established their embassies in our country. Along with that people who are living in developing countries like Sri Lanka are moving out to other countries for their occupations. As we can see English is the most used language for business communication in the world. Internet is the most popular communication method in the current world. It is also not surprising

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