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We All TryI’m a man who sails farther than a boat,to you I say, our only hope is to control the vote,change is what we set out to conquer age we will, but racism is the true monsterNon-violent action should not be delayed, and will always be key none are more hopelessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe they are freeoddly enough, we deny that it’s true, every little bit,Though, if we don’t like what the republicans do, we need to get in there and change iteasier said than done,racism is one war we have not yet wonall are bound to fight and break apart our Nation but So help us lord, let us end segregationEach of us work together to bring about change and to pass legislation. Medgar EversMay we stand tall and united, regardless of what we are Ever so we may spread across the lands, and reach others just as farDreaming of a future of peace and unity Guiding others to a state of friendship and healthy communitiesAdvancing our people, closer to integrationReminding ourselves we are equal, and we’ll put an end to discrimination Endlessly fighting to obtain our mighty goals Violently hindering racism to create a generation that we’ll mold Educating adults and our children of what equality meansReinstating the doctrine of justice into our societySacrificing our lives to provide freedom and greater opportunities What Had HappenedI was born into a time of hate and distinction, there were many who sought value and recognitionFor the color of one’s skin made it clear, we knew who would win and who we should fearWhether one was black or white, we were categorized in a way that urged us to fightA colored kid could not enter a white designated area,It promoted hate and prejudice, Oh how we despised the mediaUpon graduating, I had applied to law school, I was not accepted, but surely they would see who was the foolWe organised ourselves to protest and demand equalityDuring the same year I joined the NAACP, and created a possibilityWe marched upon the streets, and as we looked forward, we squashed defeat,We have done protests and sit-ins, we have undone many consequences of racist citizens,All our efforts served a purpose, to provide support and to alert congress,Sadly, though we were tough, it had seemed the people had had enoughAs I pulled out of the driveway and got out of my car, I was shot anyway and it did leave a scar.

People heard Medgar Wiley Evers, as they spoke of my name Nonetheless however, all that has happened will not be same. EqualityEmbracing that we all belong to one race, humanityQuestioning the constant struggles that we face, even as we share unityUtilizing our own diversity as a reason to encourage our communityAnalyzing the weaknesses of our segregated societyLearning to abandon false promises and take on responsibilityInitiating change by eliminating a superiority Teaching others the importance of maintaining one’s identity Yearning an opportunity to establish equality without hostility. This BehemothWe were told, not all men are born free,As we stare into the abyss of what we perceive to be as liberty, We struggle to wrap our minds around the concept of EqualityWe were taught that we are all born special, some more special than others.We would cry and argue as to why the kid next door had a more loving father.And of course why he had the best toys, and education, the best joys and expectationsWhy the best schools and career, the best tools but the least fears.We were separated by the doctrine of equality, and by the belief of our mentality.Up to a certain point we no longer justified their biased ideologies,We spoke up and organised ourselves to fight, and fight we haveWe’ve experienced an epiphany We were forced to integrate public schools and necessitiesAt the cost of several lives, the dream of equality remained alive.We saw, we came, we conquered (Julius Caesar) To our surprise, we hindered the progression of Racism, the true monster,Although many lives have been taken while controlling this behemoth,It is true that it has decreased in size, there’s no disagreement.Although these lives have been lost, and the beast is in its cage,The paths of hate and love have crossed, and many still live with rage.

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