What Did You Do For Thanksgiving

What Did You Do For Thanksgiving?
For me and my family, this day is not that special, we don’t take it as serious as Americans does. It’s just another day in the year. Since it’s not that special we did not do any of the traditional things that should normally be done that day, however this week i did something different from what i usually do. For the first time ever, i decided to wrote a letter to my dad telling him how grateful i was for his support this past years, and how i will not let him down . I told him thank you. For the first two days, I went to work, but could not go on Wednesday due to medical issue. Also I finish my poem and submitted to the avalon team, it’s something I wanted to do since last year, but did not get the chance to do so. I think this was the most exciting thing I did. Afterwards I spend the week catching on homework, start sutdying for finals since I won’t be able to exempt any of my exams. Then Thursday I cleaned up, cook something since we had family visiting us, and they take thanksgiving day seriously, after that we spend the whole day talking about grades, and listen to their advices about life and how I should focused more on school ( as if I did not already know that), though I could not say that to them, it would have been disrespectful of me. Then for the next 3 days, I read and went to church Saturday, as well as playing a bunch of video games. I think it was Friday, that I brought three new games to play, even though I have some at home that I have not even play yet. Then the rest of the time, I slept, watch tv and take care of my little cousins as well as helping them with their homeworks cause they needed it. The last thing I did that almost ruined my week was quitting my job, I did not have a choice since my doctor told me this was the best decision right for me, again my health comes first. Apart from this, it was an okay week, I had some excitement and dissapointment at the same time, at the end of the week what counted was me being grateful and thankful for what I got in life.