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What is the similarities and differences in followership and servant leadership? Servant leadership is leader that sure the power, and put the need of other a head of their own, help to develop and preform as high as possible. Merriam-Webster’s states that Followership is the capacity of willingness to follow a leader.

So just in the definition of the two there is already differences one is between a servant leader and follower. The follower will take orders form the leader. You can’t have one without the other if you do you just have leader and no followers and followers with no leaders.The similarities between servant leadership and followership is they both need to be active listeners. They both will always place the mission at hand first and both have to have a good set of values to follow. They always have to be about to be great critical thinkers. Both have to be understanding of anything issues that come up and find out the best way to fix the issues.

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The differences between the two are that servant leadership is a leadership role and followership is a role in which you’re a follower. In followership you can be passive or active, a critical thinker or not. In servant leadership you’re a leader that is thinker of the need of those under you like what the need to accomplish or how can I help accomplish the task at hand. Also in followership you do what your leaders tell you to do and in servant leadership you get with your team to find out what is the best way to do the mission at hand. Even though servant leaderships and followership have something that are similar they also will have their differences.

I think to be a good leader you have to been a follower at one point in time. To been a good follower you must be active and a critical thinker. I feel that a servant leader makes for a good lead that someone that works under them would like working for. In the Army you’ll need to have a little of both of this to be successful at your job because you can be a leader one day and have to follow the next day.