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What does creative teaching and learning mean and why is it needed? With a variety of explanations and a great deal of debate written in literature the most common understanding for the educational term ” creative teaching ” would appear to be a teacher who can establish what the ‘must do’ content and skills that students need to acknowledge – and turning them on their heads. Fasko (2001) stated that ‘ creative teaching could improve learning’ and exceptional teachers will use their creativity to reach all their pupils and engage them effectively.

 Creative teaching and learning are becoming a more recognised skill from teachers because it shows the teachers abilities to promote more divergent thinking. Walking into a classroom where creativity is taking place you can automatically see the friendly atmosphere and the great ideas and views coming alive and being shared freely amongst everyone. How creative teaching and learning can benefit?Being creative is all about how the teacher uses there education in other areas and how they can draw on their own experiences and interests and bring them into the classroom. For example, a teacher who takes part in an artistic hobby such as learning to play a musical instrument or being a member of a drama club can incorporate their additional skills and use them to their advantage.

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Having such hobbies such as a musical background can assist the teacher in creating fun, entertaining yet educational songs for the class. In theory, these would benefit the students by motivating them but also helping them process the language more clearly and developing their pronunciation skills. In other areas, creative teaching can benefit a student’s encouragement to answer questions in sessions, improve their assessment of performance and strengthen their ability to give good feedback which with Level 1 learners does become a struggle. Having a class that is encouraged to cooperate with others when sharing ideas is a valuable skill I would like to adapt to my lessons personally.