When closer and found that they had found a

When I was a child, I used to farm poultry. I had one hen which
hatched ten chickens. The hen along with its chickens usually roamed around our
house all day. One afternoon, I returned home after school and looked for the
chickens to feed. After looking for them in several places, I discovered them
at the furthest corner of our farm house where we usually put our garbage. I
noticed that the chickens were running after something eagerly. I got closer
and found that they had found a colony of cockroach. I counted one, two, three,
four and many more. When they overrun a cockroach, they tore it with beaks and
swallowed down. I realized that cockroaches had some use too.

Cockroaches, termites
and ants causes damage to property and human health.  According to the pest control company Springer
Pest, termites cause $5 billion property damage to the USA each year.1Cockroaches
which come in contact with excrement in sewers or pet droppings, can transmit
bacteria. In spite of their small size, different varieties of ants can cause
significant types of damage. For example, carpenter ants tunnel through wood
and destroy structures as thoroughly as termites do. Pharaoh ants are known for
transmitting serious diseases. Whatever the type, all ants contaminate any food
that they infest.2
Therefore, there are strong reasons to dislike these creatures.

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Despite damaging natures, if these insects face extinction,
we need to conserve them. Because they are ecologically very important. Termites act as decomposers. They break down plant fibers,
recycle dead and decaying trees into new soil. Termites tunnel aerate and
improve the soil.3Ants also play important role in gardening. They disperse
seeds, help pollination and protect plants from herbivores.4 Most
cockroaches feed on decaying organic matter and release nitrogen with their
feces. This nitrogen gets into the soil and is used by plants.5 If these
insects are extinct, life on the earth will not sustain. Therefore, we need to
conserve them.