Why depends on an effective tax plan, I

Why I want to study TaxationNameProfessorInstitutionCourseDateAdmission EssayOwing the fact that any business decision depends on an effective tax plan, I have decided to undertake a mastery exercise to study taxation program in the University of Waterloo. Having graduated with a degree in BBA in California, I got employed as a general ledger accountant and started working as an associate in financial management since August 2013.This position of general ledger accountant made me realize the essence of studying the implications of tax and mastering an efficient tax plan.

My interest and passion to study about taxation is so demanding that I have no option but to study it despite how complex it is. I want to not only study about taxation within the country but also abroad so as to have a broader perspective of the field and be a professional in it.It is vivid that tax laws seem to be dynamic. They therefore get complicated day in day out and this explains the opportunities for the experts in the field. Since taxation controls almost all businesses, I found it very necessary to master the academic field.

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Whenever business decisions are being made, tax implications and efficient taxation plan have to be considered. Working at one of the top 4 accounting consultant companies, I have no option but to master taxation.Taxation is not only a dynamic and flexible profession but also vibrant and a profession which is capable of taking an individual to the climax of his or her ambitions. Due to the flexible nature of taxation field, it becomes one of the most attractive professions.

It has a wide range of areas that an individual may specialize some of which are income tax, capital gains tax and VAT among other fields. I am ………….