Within independent variable is the variable that has changed

Nature of Science, biology is the natural science that evolves around living
organisms and life. As biology derives from the Greek word “bios”
meaning life, biology is the nature of science. Science and the natural world
consist of the scientific mythology which is composed of a hypothesis,
variables, designed testing, collecting data, analyzing findings, and a
conclusion. Many scientists disagreed with the conclusion that it does not
apply to problems encountered in everyday life, however that is false.  The natural world of science evolves around
livings things. Things that living things do in the nature of science are
simulate energy, respond by adapting to their environment, maintain a constant
internal environment, maintain an inherited DNA, and reproduce. In regards to
the natural world the scientific method was the process in which scientists
would investigate the natural world. Since science is always changing the
scientific method is for many scientists to observe, think, and explore more
ways of knowing about the world. For example, science does not deal with
supernatural phenomena’s.

fact, science is not a “thing” and is a process. In scientific
inquiry asking questions is the process in which information is formed within a
variety of resources. Within information using the scientific knowledge it
explains discoveries. The scientific law describes a statement of what
scientists would expect in an experiment. 
The process that every scientist follow is known as the scientific
method because it leads to many observations. All scientist follows the
scientific method because it always involves experiments, investigations for
proof, and can provide answers to all question but not most questions.  Scientists would observe individual, measure
variables, and try not influence the responses. For instance, an independent
variable is the variable that has changed in an experiment.  A dependent variable is the variable that
relies on the independent variable. A controlled experiment or the control
variable is an experiment with only one variable is manipulated.  All of those are what play important parts in
a scientific method. Also, the scientific theory contributes toward the natural
world and what scientist have made of the scientific method. Scientific theory
is a well-tested explanation of observations or experiment results.  The law that a statement describes what
scientist expect to happen every time under a particular set of conditions
usually is the scientific law. The nature of science refers to key principles
and ideas. It shares the characteristics of predictability, objectivity,
verifiability, ethical neutral, a systematic exploration, precision, and
accuracy.  Many scientists make progress
when experimenting because they are checking for a great conclusion and
analysis that could connect them to the natural world. However, after all, the
explanation is called the hypothesis. A hypothesis is the building block of the
scientific method.  Also known as a
“educated guess”, the scientific method is much more. In society today we think
of an educated guess as just choosing based off your opinion however that is
completely wrong. In order to build a hypothesis, you must have observations.
Observations consist of knowledge received from the natural world through
senses, or recording of information.

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today’s society the natural world is evolving every day. The nature of science
and the natural world is made up of 3 domains: Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya.
These two are all prokaryotic and consist of one single cell who has no
nucleus.  The Archaea is the oldest
domain, and forms from bacteria. Eukarya is all organisms that contain a
membrane-bound organelles and nuclei which help build the taxonomy of
classifications for all organisms. Phylogeny is the evolutionary history and
the relationship among species. In conclusion, systematic is the study of
organisms with the purpose of deriving relationships. All organisms have a
classifying structure. The binomial system of domains from largest to smallest
are, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. These
classification help put organism in there right grouping and makes sense as to
how organisms are homeostasis. The nature of science and the natural world are
all unity of life and consist of composition, reproduction, metabolism, hemostasis,
and evolution.  the nature of science
helps define the natural world. As many scientists use the scientific method it
helps define the natural world.